-The Pure Collection 2017-

We are a refreshing new European jewellery brand, proudly made in the Netherlands. Our many beautiful designs are strongly inspired by local habits and traditions of different cultures.  The current Pure Collection is meticulously handcrafted from genuine freshwater pearls. Every piece of jewellery is one of a kind - an item to treasure!

We are proud to have a circle of satisfied customers all around the world: from the Northern of Europe till Down Under.  In our designs you will see both Eastern and Western influences have been creatively and lovingly combined to produce some amazing and unique pieces.  We enable you to wear pearls in a brave new way- be proud to wear pearls. We are excited to announce that we are currently in the process of launching a new website to our customers. 

Our website will contain a beautiful new web-shop presenting our collection. Thank you for bearing with us: but the wait will be worth it! Stay tuned for our brand new opening on December 6th. 

* Free shipping on all your Christmas gifts *

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