Proud to launch our new collection

The new Wonder & Happiness Collection is meticulously handcrafted from authentic freshwater baroque pearls beautifully combined with stainless steel and vegan suede. Every piece of jewellery is one of a kind – an item to treasure! The collection encompasses complimentary pieces which are also interchangeable. You can make your own unique statement pieces by combining two or more pieces into one contemporary personalised design.

Inspiration: The Wonder & Happiness Collection is a very personal collection by designer Hannelore who is constantly inspired by her daughter’s wonder of the world around her. “When I look at the world through her eyes, I appreciate joy in the small natural wonders that surround me. I love how she collects little treasures believing in their magical powers of good luck; the elusive four-leaf-clover, smooth pieces of drift-wood, feathers, shells and unique rocks. I have incorporated these elements of her wonder and love of nature into this special collection.”

Many of Proud Pearls designs in this new collection have seven elements. Seven is believed to be the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). Hannelore explains why she has included the internationally recognized LOVE symbol into her latest Wonder and Happiness Collection..…. “On a recent visit to Yerevan (capital of Armenia) for the funeral of a dear friend, I was strolling through the famous sculpture garden of the Cascade and came across Robert Indiana’s ‘Love’ sculpture – it was a poignant moment for me and the significance of LOVE in our lives that contributes to our ultimate happiness.”

Feathers the symbol of angels: finding a feather is thought to be a message from angels and the five-pointed Star symbolizes our association with the heavens, light, and spirit. As with all of Hannelore’s designs, Proud Pearls hand-crafted pieces (all made in Holland) include the Tibetan Infinite Knot charm – an old Tibetan symbol of a line without a beginning or end that radiates both calm and movement, representing the idea that everything in this world in interconnected.

Stay tuned for the launching of this collection!