Stainless Steel Jewellery?

Wait a minute…stainless steel for jewellery?

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Mary Elizabeth Glosup.

Isn’t it used for surgical instruments, buildings and bridge supports, appliances? Yes it is. Yet now I’m telling you it can also be used to make from the most delicate piece of ladies jewelry to a manly man piece of jewelry.

Stainless steel is looking like the NEW sterling silver.

What are the benefits to stainless steel:

stainless steel jewelry is known to be long lasting and durable
stainless steel jewelry does not tarnish
most people find they have no allergies to stainless steel jewelry
stainless steel jewelry does contain some nickel but it is still considered hypoallergenic
stainless steel jewelry is much more affordable and in many cases looks exactly like sterling silver
stainless steel jewelry resists scratching
stainless steel jewelry is super easy to clean-all you need is warm water, ABSOLUTELY no jewelry cleaner
stainless steel jewelry is great for wearing at the beach or playing sports

This metal is so much stronger than silver or gold.  I have found through the years many times hearing, “my jewelry breaks”, “everything I wear breaks”, “it broke after wearing it one time”. These comments were mainly with gold and sterling silver. Rarely do I hear it if ever for stainless steel jewelry.

Silver will break much faster than gold and gold will break much more easily than stainless. It is all due to the hardness, the strength of the metal. But I will say that 99.9999% of jewelry does NOT break all by itself. There had to be some force applied to the piece of jewelry.



It was almost magical as stainless steel appeared on the scene at almost the very moment silver spiked and really captured the hearts of many hard core and I really mean hard core, sterling silver buyers. My overall point on the above story which is that stainless steel jewelry is here, it has arrived, it really is the new sterling silver. If you want something that is durable, you don’t have to worry about polishing, you can wear in the garden or in the shower if you forget, that is affordable, that looks like sterling silver but at least half the price, stainless steel it is your new metal.

If you want to get down and dirty and all technical here you go.

Stainless steel contains the following: at least 10% chromium- a hard brittle element, it may include a smaller amount of nickel-a silvery white metal, molybdenum-a silver white metallic element, niobium-a lustrous light gray metallic element and titanium- a hard silver gray metal.

Chromium, a hard brittle element, is the one important element because it combines with oxygen to form a thin concealed layer of chrome-containing oxide. This layer is protective and makes it “stainless”. However stainless steel isn’t actually stainless, it got it’s name because it is highly resistant to corrosion.

To go on just a little bit further technically here, for the making of jewelry there are two basic grades of stainless steel, 304 and 316L. So what is the difference? It is the presence of molybdenum. The molybdenum gives the stainless steel a much higher degree of resistance to corrosion.


The Jewelry Lady
Mary Elizabeth Glosup