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Proud Pearls is proud to release their Wine and Shine collection of unique jewellery for wine lovers. Each design is hand-crafted with love in Holland and features a wine glass, bunch of grapes, wine bottle and corkscrew wine charm, together with hand-selected, genuine freshwater, baroque pearls, and alluring crystal glass beads.

The Wine and Shine collection is available in colours representative of favourite wines enjoyed by women all over the world! • Prosecco-Silver with white pearls • Sparkling Rosé with white and rose pearls • Shiraz-Red with red pearls • Pinot-Noir (black) with grey and black pearls, • Champagne-Gold with white and rose pearls • Chardonnay-Green with white pearls • Cognac-bronze with golden pearls. Or custom colours (by request).

Wine and Shine limited edition: Vin Pearls
Proud Pearls is very proud to release new designs to our unique Wine and Shine range for wine lovers. Each design is hand-crafted with love in Holland from high quality stainless steel and features a stainless steel charm and genuine baroque freshwater pearls. The Vin Pearls collection is available in two wine colours: Vin Blanc and Vin Noir.

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